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Dear friends,

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

My name is Stanimir Radkov Radev. I am a pastor of a small church in the village of Karadjovo, Bulgaria. I am married and we have two children.  I live in Plovdiv, the second largest town in my country.

I have accepted Christ for my personal Savior in 1978. I started preaching the Bible since 1990. I usually preach in the village of Karadjovo, which is situated near Plovdiv. There are 60-70 members in my church, but I also travel to four more villages bringing them the Good News of the Gospel. 

My family and the authorities in my town gave me hard time, softly speaking, because of my faith. I was taken twice to the police. But the Lord kept me safe from going back into the world. Praise the Lord! 

I met my wife in the church. She and her parents were already newborn Christians. Later on, I noticed that when we pray for somebody’s healing, laying our hands on the sick person, many times he/she was healed. We pray eagerly
How did I grow up in Christ?
Thereason is the Holy Spirit. Till 1989 there were no Bible school. The Holy Spirit were my surreme teacher. I have taugh from a very good pastors:Stoian Bukov, Mladen Mladenov, Stoicho Nanev, Dimo Vrachev. Pastor Stoian Bukov helped me very much in homiletic. 

I grew up as a Christian with the help of the Holy Spirit. Till 1989 there was no Bible school in Bulgaria. The Holy Spirit was my supreme teacher. I have learned a lot from the following men of God, pastors Stoyan Bukov, Mladen Mladenov, Stoycho nanev, Dimo Vrachev. 
For three years, after 1978 I have leave of absence and during this time I spend in prayer 5, 6, 10 hours every day. I have fast for a short time – 2, 3, 4 days and for long time-11 days. And I have entered in a indescribable realm of anointing and grace.I believe that this and many other thing formed mynistry, which is from God. I never forget who gave me and why He gave me this ministry.I have had three services one after another and I wasnt tireat all. You see when something is from God it is comes eazy. 

I took a leave of absence for about three years, starting 1978. I spent most of my time praying. I used to pray long hours – sometimes up to 10 hours a day. I also was fasting – up to 11 days. Thus I have entered an incredible realm of anointing and grace. I believe this was the way to receive the ministry I have today. I will never forget Who gave it to me and for what purpose. Sometimes, I have 3 services in a row, but I do not feel tired at all. You see, when something is from God  - it is easy!
Before 1989 I pass though education for preachers for a short time. After 1989 I finish a Bible scool for preachers in Chepelare town. I have diplom from there. And after that for a short time I was taught from a brother who is one Yongi Cho s team. When I became christian, God gave me spirit of prayer, to pray in hours and fasting.  Sometimes now I lead and seminars about pray and long fast. For example: "how to pray with hours without boring?" I believe that many people are taught on that. 

After 1989 I went to Bible School for preachers. For a short period of time I was taught by a brother in Christ, who was a member of Yon Gi Choe’s team. When I became a Christian God gave me a spirit of prayer; to pray and fast long hours. Today, I have seminars exactly on this matter – “”How to pray long hours without getting bored?”, for instance.
The period between 2000 and 2001 was wonderful! I didn’t have the idea that God will work with me this way – I started praying 10, 20, 36 hours in a row without sleeping. I did it twice or 3 times in a month. The results were amazing – people were repenting; others received their healing; blessing were poured down from Heaven. I have to admit that God had to cleanse me from a lot of things that were standing on my way as a preacher. 

I am and musician. I playing guitar. For the last two - three years I mention that God bless the worship that I lead in our church and in villages more. I mean that many times during the worship there  is a power that cames on us. Sometimes we stop worship and we start to pray.Meny times  during the worship people are singing and crying. And becouse that happened in difrent churches I see how God is blessing me in the worship to villages.

I am teaching the believers how to pray eagerly, in Bible`s way, according James 5:16. Akts. 4:31. When a church is prayig like that I have seen happend thigs – blessings. This is short from me.

I teach the believers how to pray eagerly, according to what the Bible says in James 5:16 and Acts 4:31. When a church is praying according to the Word of God I have seen blessings happening. 
May Christ bless you abundantly!
Pastor Stanimir Radev 

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